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How Can I Not Fall in Love with You?

I created a 8tracks playlist for my favourite OTP!

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Front cover scans of Tales of Graces F Vol. 1-4 (Complete)

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More Hubert, just to practice how to draw his clothes.

Do I even have to say that I love his shoes? I mean really, I love them.

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Hubert Oswell from Tales of Graces.

This boy took my heart from the very beginning.

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Pascal: Hey Little Bro, if you wanna keep pets in the future, would you get dogs or cats?
Guidebooks: Kitty Feels/Doggy Feels

Hubert: (The future…?) Uhm…dogs, I suppose
P: Really? I’m a dog type too!
H: (I know…)

H: *sigh* Besides, speaking of fickle cats I already have my hands full dealing with one individual…
P: One individual?

Source: にゃんだふる55 | 大谷みこと@2日目西き44b [pixiv]


this is part of why my headcanon involves them getting a huge fluffy white dog that Pascal (and Amelie) loves to death and Hubert pretends to hate

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Hold my hand, Hu?